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I run this blog as an author who writes and sells books, but I have never written or tried to sell any non-English books. How would I go about it? Not the writing, I have learned seven languages to a high standard, although I am now rusty. However, I wouldn’t have a clue about selling them even if I did.

However, surely, foreign authors try to sell their books in much the same way as I do? By which I mean through the use of Social Media, blogs, websites and the like. However, my network of promo sites works exclusively in English.

Are there parallel networks of non-English books where they sell their foreign-language books in a like manner? I suppose there have to be, but how would I access them?

Networks for Non-English Books

The reason for my interest is that several of my books are now being translated into other languages, some of which I used to/still speak and others which I have never learned.

However, I am now going to have to address the problem of how to sell non-English books, and to be honest with you, I am looking forward to it! I am even hoping that promoting my translated books in French, German and Dutch will re-awaken my ability to converse in those languages…

My style is forty years out of date, but I can learn… I hope 🙂 Posting on blogs in those languages will be… unusual, at least to begin with… However, I have no idea yet how I am going to deal with promoting my non-English books in the Scandinavian languages, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi and Japanese!

One step at a time, eh?

And to think… when I finished my first book six years ago, I thought that that was the end of the line!

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