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Moving On
Moving On

Moving On

The time has come for us to be moving on. As many of you will already know, I have been living in Thailand with my Thai wife, Neem, for twelve years, and so now we would like to have a look elsewhere. However, I want to emphasise that our decision to be moving on in no way reflects on Thailand or the people I live with, to wit Neem’s family and friends, which at least one miserable old sod has tried to imply at least twice in my presence.

I put him straight both times, but bad news makes for better gossip than good.

The fact of the matter is that when Neem and I got on all those years ago, she was hoping that I would take her back to the UK with me, but I wanted to stay here with her.  I made her a deal that we would move back to Europe somewhere when the education of her younger child was complete.

Her daughter finishes university on April 30th this year and we will leave within the next month.

That is the bottom line, although there are now other contributory factors. Twelve years in one place is a very long time for me; I think that I could sell more books, if I were actually in Europe; and Thailand may become a very unsafe place to be when the old king dies.

Not only that, but my wife has an adventurous streak like my own and is chafing at the bit to experience more of the world.

I called my second book ‘An Exciting Life’ after the promise  I made to her back then, ant those times are about to begin with our moving on.

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