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Piracy and Google

Piracy and Google
Piracy and Google

Piracy and Google

If you make anything that becomes successful, you can expect it to be copied sooner or later. In the case of physical goods, it can take a while to set up the plant and machinery to produce those copies and the contacts to sell them through. However, there is also the theft of intellectual copyright, which is a lot easier to organise, and I am suggesting that piracy and Google often work hand-in-glove.

How easy is it to buy a CD, copy it and put it on Google?

A child could do it in a day!

Google’s official line is that it detests piracy and plagiarism, and to ‘prove’ it, they allow intellectual copyright holders to report infringements through their system of DMCA’s, which gets the offending site selling your stuff delisted from its search engine – the biggest on the planet, handling eighty percent of searches.

However, many if not most of those companies just change something about their name and start up again the next day, often using Google’s own Blogspot as a platform to sell from and Amazon’s S3 ‘warehouse’ facility to keep the book or music master files on, which is quite ironic when you come to think of it, because it, Amazon, loses by piracy too, although I suppose they retrieve something from the storage. So, the only one who completely loses out is the author and copyright-holder.

These two giants are prepared to help stitch up the small man so as not to totally lose out on the piracy that they know would be very difficult to wipe out all together.

Yet all the while, they preach against piracy – the hypocrites!

I use Blasty to help keep the number of pirates selling my books down. However, Blasty and Google have combined to make life difficult for 6,500+ sites pirating my books, and yet every week there are hundreds more, and most of them using Google and Amazon’s facilities.

What can you do?

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