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Moving To The UK

Moving To The UK
Moving To The UK

Moving To The UK

I am from Wales, the UK, and my wife is Thai. Those of you who read this blog will already know this, and we have to get back to the UK under European law, before Brexit pulls up the drawbridge in March 2019, because of my wife’s nationality, as those dear readers will also know.

Anyway, this article represents the next stage in the now five-year struggle to get my wife of ten years the right to live with me in Britain. She has a five-year residency card for Spain and so has the right to live and work here just as any other European citizen, including Spaniards… and that is how it should be.

I am European, and as such I have the right to bring my wife with me, even if the authorities want to know the ins and outs… We understand that, and we have complied and they have given her residency, taking a huge amount of stress off off our shoulders.

We have completed Phase Three in the scheme of things, and it took five years.

However, now we face the Fourth Phase, entry into the UK an the strength of her Spanish residency card alone. This should give her the right to ninety days in the UK, during which she nay apply for residency as my wife.

That is Phase Five.

If it fails, we will be in deep doo-dah, because under British law, my wife – the wife of British citizen of untold generations, can only have a foreign wife, if he is rich or has a good job.

At the age of sixty-three neither of those options are available to me.

We can only hope that Karma is on our side…

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