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A Night In Annwn

Validation of Files

Validation - A Night in Annwn
Validation – A Night in Annwn

Validation of Files

If ‘publishing’ was my word of the day yesterday, today’s is ‘validation’.

As you might remember from my post yesterday, I was publishing my websites on a new host. Well, to be absolutely truthful, the host was doing it for me, but it did require a little input from me from time to time. It was all painless though. I went to bed a happy man.

However, I woke up to an empty inbox, the first time for twenty years, so I checked Outlook, and realized that I had forgotten to change some details. It took thirty minutes for validation to propagate and when I left the house 5k of 14.7k had already downloaded.

I am not looking forward to going home to deal with that lot. I will probably delete everything more than a week old, so if you sent me anything back then, please resend it 🙂

Another validation that I had to complete was the proof copy of the paperback of The Dream. That was fine, so is now live, and I created a paperback of Megan The Psychic Teenager vol two, which will probably be ready for me to validate this evening. Amazon is always very quick to compile my books. Perhaps I cause them fewer problems than most, because I have published so many books over the last three years.

And now the favourite validation I have carried out today. I just ran A Night in Annwn through the NaNoWriMo validation service, which went on line today the twentieth, and my novel came out as 50,483 words. I also finished the first pass of editing it today, so I will publish it on Monday, and validate it the next day, which means that paperbacks will be available on the twenty-fourth.

You will form an orderly queue, won’t you?

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PS – Update: Megan The Psychic Teenager vol two was awaiting my validation when I got home (10 hours turnaround), so it is now live too.

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