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Megan’s Visitors’ Stats!

Megan’s Visitors’ Stats

Megan’s Visitors’ Stats!

This post is meant for all those who have advertised on this blog (MPS) and all those who are thinking about it! I want to give you an update on the site’s visitors’ stats.

The last time that I published site stats, it was a month or so ago and I was talking about 5,000 page-views a day…

Well, listen to this! Over the last six days, five days produced well over 7,000 page-views a day, and the other day was 6,968!

5,000 page-reads a day is not small fry, but 7,000-7,500 is fantastic!

This is AMAZING! But there are also new podcast listeners too!

So, book your advert and get in now before the rush, which is bound to happen with such stats – because advertisers current and previous are now getting 50% more value for money than they were last month

So, click the following link, read the deal and book your slot now, because prices may have to rise if demand outstrips the amount of time I have to do this work!

(Yes, I still do it all alone).

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