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Dead Centre Series

The book cover of volume one in the Dead Centre Series by Owen Jones. There is also an audiobook.
Dead Centre Series

Not all Suicide Bombers Are Religious!


Owen Jones

A vicious bomb explodes in a posh department store in Baghdad, killing and maiming dozens of innocent shoppers and staff. Within a short time, a new, ruthless breed of suicide bombers has seven of the world`s police forces stumped.

Dead Centre

A reign of terror, seemingly unrelated to religion or politics, breaks out. Chinese government computer experts and the British SAS are called in to help the police forces, which are working under the auspices of Interpol. The fear of the authorities is that they won’t uncover the reason for the apparently random bombings before the public becomes spooked?

There are currently two volumes in the Dead Centre Series. They are available in all formats from most bookshops including:

1] Dead Centre 1

Not all Suicide Bombers Are Religious!

Amazon Tektime Audiobook

2] Dead Centre 2

Even The Wrong can Be Right Sometimes

Amazon Tektime Audiobook

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