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Behind The Smile in Review

Daddy’s Hobby Half-Price

Behind The Smile - Daddy's Hobby Half-Price
Daddy’s Hobby

Behind The Smile: Daddy’s Hobby Half-Price

Owen here, I hope that you are doing well. I have great news for you – Daddy’s Hobby Half-Price !

I have lowered the price of ‘Daddy’s Hobby’, the first in the series of ‘Behind The Smile’, at Smashwords for a short time, so if you were still unsure about reading this trilogy, now is your chance to read the first part at half price.

‘Daddy’s Hobby’ and the other two books in this trilogy are available at Smashwords in quite a few ebook formats, so no matter what you use to read ebooks, Smashwords will have a copy of his book for you.

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Behind The Smile;

The Story of Lek a Bar Girl in Pattaya, Thailand.

Book One: Daddy’s Hobby

“Daddy’s Hobby” is the first novel in the trilogy titled ‘Behind The Smile’. It covers that part of Lek’s  life where she works in a bar called ‘Daddy’s Hobby’ in Pattaya in the sex tourism industry..

Lek was born the eldest child of four in a typical rice farming family. She did not expect to do anything any different from the other girls in her class in the northern rice belt of Thailand.

Typically that would be: work in the fields for a few years; have a few babies; give them to mum to take care of and back to work until her kids had their own children and she could stop working to take care of them.

One day a catastrophe occurred out of the blue – her father died young and with huge debts that the family knew nothing about. Lek was twenty and she was the only one who could prevent foreclosure. The only way she knew was to go to work in her cousin’s bar in Pattaya.

She went as a waitress-cum-cashier, but when she realised that she was pregnant by her worthless, estranged husband, things had to change. She had the baby, gave it to her mum and went back to work.

However, now she needed real money to provide a better life for her child and to make up for spending its whole youth 500 miles away. She drifted into the tourist sex industry.

The book relates some of her ‘adventures’, her dreams and nightmares and her ‘modus operandi’. It tries to show, from Lek’s point of view, what it really is like to be a Thai bar girl – the hopes and frustrations, the hopes and the let-downs, the hopes and the lies and deceit that are part of her every day life.


Thailand is often referred to as the Land of Smiles .

From the first pages I was mesmerised by Lek and the other working girls, their hard life styles and thoughts, so different from our own Western way of life and aspirations. Couldn’t put it down till I’d finished.

RLJ, Barry, South Wales


I enjoyed this book very much and would recommend it. I like stories that take place in foreign countries, so this was right up my alley. It was an easy read and flowed smoothly. Owen did a great job of creating a character readers could connect with and care about…

Vanna B., Philadelphia, PA.

“I am a big fan of books on Thailand – particularly what some would describe as the darker side. The Thai bar scene is much talked about and generally misunderstood. Many books seem to be written based on a single visit and dwell on the old cliche of sex pervert meets scheming hooker. It is all so much more complicated than that – and this book will give you a rally good insight. Owen Jones knows Thailand and he understands the interaction between the players in Thai bars very well.
“It’s authentic, poignant and very entertaining.”

All the best and have a lovely weekend


PS: as always, please let me know what you think of any book of mine you have read J

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