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PLR Articles and The Self-Employed

PLR Articles and The Self-Employed
PLR Articles and The Self-Employed

PLR Articles and The Self-Employed

In this piece on PLR articles and the self-employed, we will choose a specific trades-person, say a carpenter, but the same principles apply equally well to any other self-employed tradesman or professional, such as computer engineer, lawyer and even dentist.

The basic concept is to use PLR articles that you have bought, possibly had written and use them in your advertising campaigns. If you have the time, you could write your own articles, but then, technically, you would not be using PLR in your advertising campaigns.

So, you need to find a reputable source of material. This can be difficult, so build a relationship with a writer who is prepared to do the necessary research and buy from him or her regularly. The best way of getting what you want is to suggest the titles yourself.

Go for a pack of fifteen, 500-word articles at a time because this will give your article marketing campaign a real punch and fifteen PLR articles are enough to do several other things with too which we will go into below. The articles should be useful, informative, but at 500 words, they will only give tantalising tastes of the subject matter.

The job of these PLR articles is to show that you know what you are talking about, not to teach the reader your professional skills! They should have the same tone as your web site and newsletter or blog, be that humorous or serious.

A carpenter can write on apprenticeship, tools, aspects of reading drawings, working on site, health and safety, customer relations, working in people’s homes, cleanliness, sharpening a chisel or saw, the different weights of hammers – there are dozens of topics for the self-emloyed, whatever jobs, trades or professions they have.

If you already have a web site, you can trickle-feed these articles into it at the rate of one a week. When they have been indexed by Google, say six weeks later, you can copy them to article databases with links back to your own web site in the author bio at the bottom, which will give you one-way backlinks to boost your sites rank.

If you do not have a web site, use five articles to create one. Add the articles to your newsletter too, because readers of that will probably very rarely go to your site, if they ever do – they don’t need to, do they?

The final stage is to create an ebook from the same PLR articles in order to reach a totally new audience again. You will have enough material for an ebook of about 8,000 words, so if you would prefer a longer book, get another batch of articles and when you have used them on your site and in your newsletter, you can add them to your book to raise it to 15-16,000 words, which you can sell on Amazon for $7-$10

You will soon recoup your outlay on the PLR articles from the sale of the books alone and you will be the author of a book on your chosen self-employed profession. You could publish one or two books a year and build yourself a worldwide reputation.

by +Owen Jones

If you are looking for well-written PLR articles on niche subjects, Megan Publishing Services recommends The Niche PLR Collection, where you can choose from over 100 niche packs of 15 or more articles of 500-600 words each.

Podcast: PLR Articles and The Self-Employed

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