PLR Articles for Sale

PLR Articles for Sale

For the savvy webmaster who has publications in these fields, I am taking down about 125 websites and offering the targeted PLR articles  for sale. Why am I disposing of the websites, you might be wondering?

Well, in another job, I had more than 140 of them, all making money, but I have been writing novels for the last four years, and a website that is not regularly updated is a dead website, as far as Google is concerned.

Google will demote such websites, so no-one will ever see them, in which case, they become worthless, but still cost $10 p.a. each to register. At the end of the day, it’s just not worth holding on to them at a cost of $850 a year or their content, which is, however, still valuable. It is this valuable, unique, niche, targeted content that I am offering to you.

I just don’t have time to write novels and maintain these websites to the standard that Google requires, so, the world’s loss is your gain.

I took my sites down on August 20th, 2015, so this content is still unused, if you get in first, it will be unique to your online publication (website, newsletter, or blog).

Please realise what I’m saying here, this material has never been sold before!

I have all sorts of PLR articles for sale ranging from hair care to cancer and yellowing teeth to cars and holidays! Books, writing, fashion, smoking, marketing… all sorts, go and have a look 🙂 It’s a bit like a car boot sale in there, but as the old saying goes: “Seek and ye shall find!”

If you are unsure how you can take advantage of these ebooks of niche content, check out the links above in the header to ‘Uses for PLR’.

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