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Why Men Have Nipples

Why Men Have Nipples

Why Men Have Nipples
Why Men Have Nipples


Why Men Have Nipples

When I was a boy of about seven or eight years of age, before I became far too self-conscious to enquire about such things, I asked my mother what the nipples on my chest were for.

She looked at me for a moment, switched the vacuum cleaner off and said, “Let’s have a cup of tea and a chat, shall we?”

So, we sat on the couch with our mugs of tea and my mother started.

“What do you think they are for?”

Well, I was the oldest of three brothers then, so I knew what hers were for, but I had no idea about my own, which was why I had asked. I thought that was obvious, but I said, “I don’ know, mum”.

“No, well, you are not alone in that, most men don’t realise what their nipples are for and you are still young. The fact is that the reason why men have nipples is that they are a reminder”.

“A reminder?” I replied, “What, like a knot in a handkerchief? A reminder for what?”

“Yes. It is a long story, in that it goes back a very long, long time, before modern mankind. It goes back even before Stone Age people, and as you know, that was ages and ages ago.”

Dinosaurs were my favourites subject, so I knew that that was millions of years ago, but I didn’t know in those days that man never lived alongside them, I just assumed that they did like in the films. Anyway, I knew that cavemen lived a very long time ago.

“Yes, I know, mum.”

“Well, in those far off days, men and women were equal and men used to help feed their babies, but the practice died out and so women’s breasts got bigger to take on the extra work, and men’s breasts got smaller, because they never used them any more, but the nipples remained to remind them that they ought to be fair and that is why men have nipples”.

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