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Dead-Centre - Modern Terrorism

Dead Centre – Owen Jones’ Latest Novel

Dead-Centre by Owen Jones
Dead-Centre by Owen Jones

Dead Centre

When a bomb goes off in Scheherazade’s, a posh department store in Baghdad, leaving nearly 200 people dead or wounded, the authorities and the police think that it is just another routine case of it’s type and appoint Captain Ali Allawi of the National Police to head the investigation.

He has no clues to go on and no organisation claims responsibility, but one sharp-eyed member of his team notices something on the CCTV surveillance footage that is unusual – baffling even.

Then they notice other discrepancies that lead Captain Allawi to suspect that they are facing a new, unimaginable type of threat.

However, none of these clues make sense.

He seeks help from Interpol, but they do not seem to have any other cases with data matching his, so he puts up a flag on the Interpol computer that he wants to be informed of any bombings with criteria matching those of his.

Soon, five more cases are reported around the world and six police forces join to hunt for those responsible for the atrocities.

The story in ‘Dead Centre’ takes place in Baghdad, Iraq; Marseille, France; Essen, Germany; Belfast, Ireland; New York, USA; London, England; Los Boliches, Spain; St. David’s, Barry and Cardiff, Wales and and many other towns and cities around the world, including South Africa and Thailand.

‘Dead Centre’ is the exciting story of international terrorism with a huge, unexpected twist, which involves the police forces of five countries, the Chinese government, Interpol and the elite SAS (Special Air Service) Regiment of the British Army.

You will love ‘Dead Centre’, if you like exciting stories involving police detection and international story lines.

‘Dead Centre’ is available now from Amazon at:

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and from the 12th April from all other sources such as Barnes & Noble and Apple in ebook and paperback formats.

Statistics for the paperback version of ‘Dead Centre’ are: 227 pages in 6″x9″ format, or 72,000 words.

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