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University Degrees in Thailand

University Degrees in Thailand

University Degrees in Thailand

My stepdaughter came home from Bangkok University for a fortnight today; it’s lovely to see her again. This is her fourth and final year in Business Studies, so then it’s off into the business world of Thailand. I say Thailand and not the whole world as many of them would like, but most, if not all university degrees in Thailand are not recognised outside their own borders, because a student cannot fail a degree by failing an examination.

So, one hundred percent attendance and a record or keeping one’s nose clean guarantees university degrees in Thailand for the whole class. There must be levels of passes too, but Thailand’s reputation for corruption would negate their trustworthiness abroad. Furthermore, most Thais, even when leaving university, speak English very badly using Anglicised Thai slang, which is taught to them by their lecturers, but it doesn’t do the students any favours.

For example, I am very good with computers, but my Thai nephew and I cannot communicate on the subject even when using purely technical terms, which are ‘in English’ here. A monitor becomes a ‘scee’; a subroutine is a ‘su-uploutee’. They have these kids for four years at university, so why, Oh, why can’t they work on their accent?

Could it be that they don’t want them to go abroad? I think it is because wages here are so low that all the educated kids would be gone next week, if they had the chance. Instead of that, they are stuck here earning a pittance, unless daddy has enough money to buy them a high-paying job, and you can guess whose children get all those, can’t you?

My daughter actually speaks English very well, but then she had me to correct her, but after four years of hard work at university, she is condemned to a job as a bank teller, because I can’t afford the $10,000 we have already been told it will cost to give her a good start in her chosen career.

It makes me so angry.

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