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Although our dog, Angun, (‘Grape’ in English), hates to share her garden with any other animals, even butterflies and beetles, lots of them come in anyway. Just to taunt her, I think, but she does catch and kill a few. She is what my wife calls a ‘Chinese Fighting Dog’ and there a several in the village. It’s strange, I’ve seen CFD’s breeding with strays every year, but the results are always the same: more CFD’s with either black or brown patches. Basically they look like slightly larger Jack Russells with a tail. Their genes must be very strong by Nature.

The savage protection of property is apparently typical of females of the breed, whereas males protect their human family. This is our first CFD bitch, but we’ve had two dogs before. I find the study of Nature fascinating and wanted to be a zoologist like Desmond Morris when I was a kid.

Angun makes life Hell for snakes, but won’t attempt to kill them like she does with all other animals that get through our wrought iron gates. I guess that’s a fear that Nature has instilled in her like it has in most human beings.

I saw two birds today I’ve never seen before; one was a baby something with a bald head and not many feathers. It was sitting on a windowcill outside my office admiring itself in the smoked glass window. We have many birds nesting in the garden despite Angun, which drives her mad.

The other bird was larger and at first I thought it was a crow or raven until I put my glasses on. It was struggling to get through the fence and didn’t make it. Just before I put my spectacles on, it crossed my mind that it looked like the head of a black Labrador.

However, on closer inspection, it was the colour of Guinness with a candle behind it – a deep, ruby-red. It gave up trying to squash itself through when Angun noticed it, and dropped to the ground on the other side of the fence out of sight.

Isn’t Nature wonderful?

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