We are all used to downturns these days; so much so that it makes you wonder whether we will ever get a reprieve and have an upturn for a change. Except for meeting my wife and moving to Thailand, I’ve had one downturn after another for the whole of this millennium so far 🙂

I’m not usually a conspiracy theorist, but I am starting to become one. This recent series of economic downturns has been so damaging and so relentless that it looks like a planned attack on ordinary working people, who had nothing to do with causing the banking crisis despite the newspapers pandering to the government and bankers with stories about how we are all equally to blame because we wanted a mortgage too.

Many people want a Ferrari as well, but no-one’s going to give them one, no matter how good it makes sales look. The fault is all theirs, but they are making us pay for it and the voters in the UK brought a banker back to run the country and stick it to us.

It may sound like a cop out, but am I glad I live abroad and was disenfranchised, so cannot be blamed for that idiocy?

I hope that the British electorate redeem themselves by voting in Jeremy Corbyn to lead the Labour Party into the next election, because despite what their current institutionalized leadership thinks, they are too bland and Tory to win a raffle without him.

Surely they can see that if the real Tories are slagging him off, they must be scared of him? They are not voicing an opinion for the good of the People. Come on, wake up!

If Campbell says he doesn’t like him then we all should!

I can’t think of a better endorsement for him and condemnation of the wet Tories running the LP now.

As for the downturns in my life, well, book sales for August are looking bad with four zero-sales days out of six so far. In my four-year sales history, August has never been worse than July, but we shall see…

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