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Just after our wedding ten years ago

Our Tenth Wedding Anniversary

Just after our wedding ten years ago
Our Tenth Wedding Anniversary

Our Tenth Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday, March 30th. was our tenth wedding anniversary. Well, one of them, anyway, since most foreigners who marry Thais get married twice and not necessarily on the same day. However, despite the two chances, neither of us would have remembered the occasion, if it hadn’t been for Facebook’s built-in calendar reminder.

And this isn’t the first time we have both forgotten – I can’t remember a time that we have remembered!

However, this is not to say that we don’t care. As soon as I showed my wife Facebook’s reminder, she threw her arms around me and we cuddled for ten minutes. It was lovely…

It s just that neither of us are the kind of person to whom these sorts of things matter much.

It has gotten us into trouble too – several times – and I am quite sure that it will again.

Everyone is aware of Asian peoples’ obsession with taking photographs, well, several times that we went for my visa extension in Thailand, we were asked to provide photographic evidence that we had in fact been together during the period between the visas, but we could not, because we don’t take photos of ourselves.

I know for a fact that my wife only has one photo from her past – of herself as a baby – and I don’t have any from my past at all.

This is not normal, I know – and what are the chances of two people who feel like that meeting each other?

God knows, but slim, I should imagine.

Anyway, the next hurdle will be when we are asked to produce evidence of a ‘long and sustainable relationship’ when we apply for my wife’s residency permit for the U.K..

That will be a laugh!

However, for those of you still wondering… we celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary by spending time with friends in our local, and then going for a meal, at which two of our Thai friends joined us.

It was lovely, but if you want to see a photo, I will have to get one from one of them…

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