Targeted PLR

Targeted PLR

I have some extremely-precisely targeted PLR for sale and here’s why. It is the content of 85 of my websites that I have just taken down because I have changed direction in my on line career. I now write books and novels, not website content and so Google naturally downgraded my websites. However, this is a comment on the freshness of the websites, not on the value of their content.

If you are a webmaster, this targeted PLR presents a huge opportunity for you! Here’s why.

The niche content that I am now selling is the content of the websites I took down in August 2015! That’s right, this targeted PLR is brand new, never been sold before!

It used to make me money when it was on websites I cared about, but I don’t have the time to keep those websites fresh any longer, so they have to go.

Experienced webmasters will immediately understand where I’m coming from and realise the potential of what I am saying. If this targeted PLR content has a fit with what you are doing, it will save you bags of time thinking up new ideas for articles, researching them and writing the material. With my niche PLR, you only have to change a few words, if that!

I may come to regret selling this content, but for the foreseeable future, my career as a novelist has to take precedence… and since I can’t do both, bye-bye to the articles that took me years to write with all the loving care that a webmaster showers on his web sites.

I hope that others will buy this content after you, so to jump the gun, so to speak, it would be worth you changing some of the wording to make these targeted PLR articles your own right from the start.

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