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August Site Stats

August Site Stats

August Site Stats
August Site Stats

August Site Stats

As usual at about this time of the month, I will give a brief analysis of the visitors to this site for the benefit of anyone who’s remotely interested. Hopefully, that will include current and prospective advertisers and other bloggers who are wondering how they are doing in the scheme of things. I have put some August Site Stats on the page titled ‘Banner Advertising’ in the header above, where they will be easier to find for future reference.

So, the August Site Stats are:

We had: 5,503 unique visitors come back 30,314 times to view 128,745 pages which created 247,679 hits

which makes August our site’s most visited and most read month ever. In fact, May had 800 more unique visitors, but August had 25% more visits (up from 24k to 30k).

The top five page-readers were logged in as from:

USA: 95.8k  Thailand: 15.8k  Slovak Republic: 4.8k France: 1.5k Russia: 1.4k

(I think the ‘Thai’ readers are expats living over here, including my own visits).

In comparison, the UK population only read 983 pages, which I find disconcerting. However, the UK used the third highest amount of bandwidth, 33% more than the Slovak Republic. The Slovaks read five times more pages than the Brits, but used 75% of the bandwidth doing it. I have to admit that I don’t understand this, unless Slovaks are reading the site on mobile devices which compresses images or even leaves them out, whereas Brits read the pages on ‘real’ computers with large screens which download the whole page.

Anyway, no matter what the reason, according to August Site Stats from other sources, I didn’t sell a book in the Slovak Republic all month, whereas Brits were my best customers by over 50%. Still, I have been choosing the times I post more carefully to coincide with hours that Brits are most likely to be available to use their Internet connections.

This is paying off, because as of today, the number of pageviews from pople living in the UK is up 42%, but it is still in fourth place behind the USA, Thailand and the Slovak Republic, the visitors from where have read three times more pages than the Brits.

So, it time to say, ‘Greetings, citizens of the Slovak Republic, you are very welcome on this blog!”

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All the best,


PS: if you have a better explanation for what I’ve written above, or if you just want to say ‘hello’, please use the Comments field at the bottom.

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