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Starting a New Novel

Starting a New Novel
Starting a New Novel

Starting a New Novel

I have been thinking of starting a new novel for a while now, because I feel at a loose end unless I’m writing. That’s why I bombard my regular readers with posts like this every day. The truth is that I have been looking for a subject for a month, while I have been carrying out essential site maintenance.

There wasn’t really time to implement all the updates necessary and write a new novel, but I did compile the anthology ‘Asian Shorts‘ which reached number forty in ‘UK Paid: American Asian (stories)’ this week, so that’s not bad and I am pleased for the contributors as well as myself. However, lots of work to do to get it up another thirty-odd places.

I also compiled an ebook of fifteen PLR articles on ‘Acne’ from a website I no longer have the time to run, and I wrote another novella in the Megan Series. It is number twenty-two and called ‘Megan at Carnival’. I am hoping to be working with my daughter soon, translating the first Megan into Thai.

That’s all well and good, I’m still paddling the canoe, but it is not the same as starting a new novel – a full-length one. I get asked every week to write another in the ‘Behind The Smile’ series, of which there are now five.

It sounds like the best option for now, while I pitch the full-length, stand-alone novel I wrote in the summer, to agents. No, I don’t have one of those yet either.

I should have started looking for an agent seriously, four years ago, but I never put my heart into it. Still, I’m trying now and better late than never, eh?

Meanwhile, I’ll get on with starting to write a new novel. For now, its code name will be Lek6 (not a difficult one to crack, I know), but the title ‘Full Circle’ keeps presenting itself to me and I like it.

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