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A few days ago, I remembered that Microsoft Windows 10 was going free, so I gave the necessary details and installed it. I was upgrading from 7, which I have always been happy with, and when I had finished, a part of me was wondering why I had done it. After all, each and every one of us has probably sworn at least once, never to fix what ain’t broken after an update caused more problems than it fixed and Microsoft updates have not always been unproblematic for me in the past to say the least.

Microsoft updates have turned my computer into a Thai-language only zone and caused complete system failures, although I don’t think I can lay all the blame for that at Microsoft’s door.

Anyway, I was upgrading from 7, as I was saying, so I wasn’t expecting any difficulties. The first cause for concern arose because of all the questions set-up was asking me. Surely, I thought, the settings could be gleaned from W7?

Still, all seemed well, except for all the crap it stuffed into my start menu, and I had chosen the ‘Custom Installation’, Heaven knows what it would have been like otherwise.

Over the last few days though, I have come across all sorts of annoying oddities. Despite saying that I’m British, it changed every date in every programme to the dopey American-style ‘month first’. It is moronic. The important information comes first hour, minute, second and day, month, year. Who on Earth can think the month is always more important than the day?!

So, I tracked the fix down, But 10 doesn’t support day-first in short form dates. Can anyone offer even the wildest excuse why not? Here’s mine: Americans don’t use it, and sod the rest of the world.

My evaluation of W10 is, if you’re happy with W7, don’t bother. It says it’s faster, but I haven’t noticed.

One of the ‘useful apps’ included with 10 is a link to rent the Microsoft Office updates. My version of Office is 2003, and I am happy with it, but I thought I’d give it a go (why, why?). The offer is, a month’s free trial and then $5.99 a month or $59.99 a year. I wanted the former, with a view to paying annually later. Microsoft divined that I live in Thailand, despite my telling Firefox not to breathe a word, and I noticed.

This is bad news because they assume you want a Thai version and then your in trouble, so I said again that I’m British. There was a blank screen for a minute and then a new agreement came up, but the $5.99 had been replaced with £5.99 – a 50% hike!

Now I remember why I hate Microsoft and most… no, all other large American companies. Well, I will never buy anything from Microsoft again, and I’ll get my Microsoft Office updates from the pirate shop the next time I’m into town – they’re sure to have Microsoft Office 10 Why do American firms insist on ripping Brits off like this?

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