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The Dreaded Spanish Visa (part 502)

The Dreaded Spanish Visa (part 502)
The Dreaded Spanish Visa (part 502)

The Dreaded Spanish Visa (part 502)

If you have not been following this tale of abject misery, it started in December 2015, with no emails to the Spanish Embassy in Bangkok receiving an answer. In May 2016, an embassy official told us not to bother going for the 180-day Schengen visa (for spouses of EU citizens), but just to apply for residency when we got there.

That didn’t work, and my wife had to leave, suffering a nervous breakdown in the process. Anyway, we tried again in November, for the same visa, and were told that we were ‘missing a few documents’. It has taken us two months to get them, so I applied for an interview yesterday. I was told that short-term visas of 90 days’ duration were available from a subcontractor. ‘No’, I replied, ‘I want the long one’.

Their reply was: ‘We don’t know what you want, and don’t think you do either’.

How sodding rude is that?

They added that they can only grant 90-day visas, but that is not what they said in May and November last year. It seems like they are just trying to wear us down until we give up. However, if that happens, or our money runs out trying, my wife and I will be separated by 11,500 km… and perhaps for ever.

It has made both of us cry several times, and, as I said before, affected my wife’s mental health. If it wasn’t so important for one of us to maintain a grip, I would go over the edge soon as well.

So, we have an appointment for the twelfth, and processing takes ten to fifteen days. My visa, which cannot be extended again, expires on the 23rd, which gives us a day’s grace.

I’m afraid that the future is not looking rosy and I am worried that that might push my wife over the edge again.

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