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The Ghouls of Calle Goya

Calle Goya on KindleScout

Calle Goya on KindleScout
Calle Goya on KindleScout

Calle Goya on KindleScout

As you may have heard, I put this, my latest novel, The Ghouls of Calle Goya, in for a ‘competition’ at KindleScout. It did not ‘win’, or to be strictly correct, it was not selected for publication and special promotion.

Still, not to worry, I have another novel Daisy’s Chain, waiting in the wings – it just needs editing. So, look out for that in a few weeks’ time 🙂

In the meantime, if you would like to read The Ghouls of Calle Goya, it is available on Amazon (all sites), but here are the most common details:

ISBN: 978-1542433747

ASIN: B01MS5C7IC (direct from the printer)

Despite not being selected, I am glad that I entered The Ghouls of Calle Goya into the KindleScout process, and I urge other as yet unpublished authors to give it a go. I will be putting all my future novels through the competition, despite the fact that they lose a month in sales’ time.

I found that the things I learned from the process more than made up for a month’s sales. For example, I talked to most of my 700-odd Facebook friends over that month. I had never spoken to some of them, and others I had not contacted for years. it was a very enjoyable experience.

I also had generous offers of help from quite a few people, and others assured me that they would buy my book on its day of publication in order to give it a boost into Amazon’s popularity charts, which also gives the novel extra momentum of its own, since many readers choose from the top fifty novels, if they are stuck for something to read.

Success breeds success, as the saying goes.

Anyway, thanks to all those who nominated The Ghouls of Calle Goya for selection, especially for you, I have reduced the price of the novel from $4.99 to $2.99 for the next seven days. Others may also take advantage of this price reduction.

The novel opens on the shores of Lake Mjørsa, Norway; moves to London, and then Fuengirola, Spain. From there it travels to Bangkok and Phitsanulok in Thailand, before returning to London, Norway and England again. Cardiff gets a mention too 🙂

A special ‘Thank You’ to Aliya for the cover artwork too. If you would like her to draw something for you, just let me know.

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