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Spamming YouTube
Spamming YouTube

Spamming YouTube

YouTube is owned by Google, which I will admit right up front is not one of my favourite companies. In my opinion, Google behaves like most bad, bossy fathers, demanding that you do as they say, not as they do, if you want to do business with them. I also suspect that they are are a data-collection agency for the CIA and would sell out dissidents in any country at a dime a time.

Hey, but that is just my opinion… although there are probably a few who would agree with me. Furthermore, they are not adverse to promoting crappy, cheating ads via Adsense, or allowing forgers, pirates and thieves to sell counterfeit books and other goods from D.I.Y blog platform Blogger.

However, like all good online hypocrites, they profess to despise cheats, conmen and spammers.

Right… and trees don’t grow in the woods.


Anyway, a few weeks ago, I decided to start promoting my stuff through podcasts as well, so I opened and account with one of the best companies online and got stuck in. An account included free dispersion of the said podcasts over several platforms including most of the well-known ones such as Facebook and YouTube.

My posts, and subsequent podcasts, were pretty innocuous, I thought, being mostly book reviews and author interviews with a link back to further information.

Within days, Google had sent me notice of a six-month ban from YouTube for ‘spamming’. Closer inspection, however, revealed that they were not happy about my ‘trying to divert’ surfers from their website.

Although I was honestly not actively trying to do that, I can see how they came to that judgement. However, that being said, I wish that Google was just as fast to react to allegations of, or even completely prevent, wrongdoing on its websites.

So, beware of anything that Google can interpret as spamming YouTube, or you might lose your account, because they are just like bullying big daddies all over the world, preaching one thing but doing the complete opposite!

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