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#FBPE - The Anti-Brexit Twitter Hashtag

#FBPE – The Anti-Brexit Twitter Hashtag

#FBPE - The Anti-Brexit Twitter Hashtag
#FBPE – The Anti-Brexit Twitter Hashtag

#FBPE – The Anti-Brexit Twitter Hashtag

Have you ever heard of #FBPE ? No, I hadn’t until recently either, but apparently #FBPE is the anti-Brexit hashtag that is sweeping the country amongst those who can’t see the sense in leaving the EU.

Well, to quote the Animals, “And, God, I know, I’m one…”

I have tried and tried, but cannot see any good reason for getting out… I really can’t; whether it happens or not. The only plausible argument that I have heard for leaving is ‘to return power to Westminster’, but I can’t see why anyone would want to do that.

For example, did the European Parliament force our home-grown MP’s to:

1) Steal from the public purse?

2) Tell lies to cover up the misdeeds of the true ruling class?

3) Forget that they are PUBLIC SERVANTS, and not glory-seekers looking for a knighthood?

4) Demolish the NHS?

5) Ruin our educational system?

6) Abolish legal aid

7) Further impoverish the poor, the sick and the disabled?

8) Create ghettos out of our inner citties and town centres?

9) Bail their banking buddies out?

10) Take away the impartiality of the BBC?

I could go on, but I think that ten are a good start. Did our home-grown politians need any encouragement to do that?

I don’t think so…

When they say they want to return power to Westminster, they mean to them, not to us!

Are there things wrong with the European Parliament? I’m sure there are, but why do you care about the name of the thief or person ruining your life and country?

Who cares whether the bastard’s name is George, Sjors, or Jorge? Helen, Helene, or Helena?

Europeans should stick together and throw all the self-serving shits out! Whatever class, party or country they’re operating in!

We are being divided to make us easier to control… there is strength in unity.

Don’t you think that the Spanish, French or Germans (or any of the others) are fed up of getting ripped off too? It’s not only us, believe you me.

Get a grip, don’t be led, step up to the plate and tell the glory hunters where to get off!

We, the ordinary people, are losing hundreds of millions of allies by abandoning Europe in the way that we are.

It is all very sad.

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All the best,


PS: Don’t forget to use the #hashtag #FBPE to all your Tweets to show solidarity!

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