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Water Supply
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Water Supply

I didn’t realise it until today, but the local water supply was cut off five days ago. Please don’t assume that I don’t wash often, it isn’t that, we have a water tank with a capacity of a thousand litres and an automatic pump attached to it, so while other households have been without a water supply for the last three or four days days, it has only just hit us.

When I bought that tank ten years ago, I had calculated that it would last us five days, or maybe even a week, if the water supply were cut off, but I hadn’t reckoned on having a baby in the house, and she probably uses more water than I do… or causes it to be used anyway. It’s quite a thought that about ten thousand people are without water around here.

Mains water is not used for drinking, except by the old toughies, but it is used for everything else. However, the older houses have water butts which hold a couple of days worth, so no washing now, no flushing toilets. It’s all pretty grim, but then some people, in other countries, live like this all the time, don’t they?

I’m pretty sure I couldn’t though, not at thirty-five degrees Celsius. I have felt dirty and sticky since I found out about the lack of a water supply a few hours ago. Apparently, a water tower needs replacing or repairing, it’s always hard to find out exactly what’s going on, but surely there should have been a contingency plan for when it broke, or their should have been a backup water tower so that so many families did not lose their water supply unnecessarily?

Surely, the expense of having a few score extra of the old, young, and frail fall sick because of the (temporarily) unsanitary living conditions caused by an unreliable water supply is justification for having an extra water tower?

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