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Follow-Up on ‘Asian Shorts’

First Edition of Asian Shorts

First Edition of Asian Shorts
First Edition of Asian Shorts

First Edition of Asian Shorts

I am inordinately proud to announce that the first edition of ‘Asian Shorts’ will be available as from tomorrow, June 18th – Yay!

On the negative side first, it is only 74.4% (see update below) of the length that I wanted it to be, but perhaps I was over-ambitious in the first place. However, this means that if you still want to submit a(nother) story, please do so until I update this post to say that the book is full…. and if it is, perhaps we can do a second one! That really depends on you, dear writers and you, dear readers.

On the positive side, many things. The quality and divergency of the writers and their stories spring to mind. They far exceed what I had hoped for in this my first effort at such a project.

Everyone who has submitted a story has my most sincere gratitude.

There is also a surprise, which I only heard of today as I write this post and that is that one of our contributors has pitched the book to Asia Books, the biggest book chain in Thailand. However, it is not a ‘cold call’, he has sold through them before and had a meeting with them which ‘went well’. They have agreed to read the manuscript! How many writers get even that far?

So, fingers crossed on that one.

Does that make you want to submit a(nother) story to this first edition of Asian Shorts?

It does me.

Needless to say, I will be working on this project now until it’s done (besides publicising it for the rest of my life), so my own new novel, which is still untitled and the web site maintenance I was talking about this morning will have to take a back seat, but that’s how it goes when you’re a one-man band, eh?

If I have ever had a plea to make, it is this: if you want to get in this first edition of Asian Shorts (and make my life a bit easier), send me your story and bio now, right now, before we go to print for the first time.

** Update: I was reading an article by a short stories anthology master, and she says that such a book should be about 30k words long – ours is 37k, so I think we are looking good, and I am clsing submissions for this edition. However, I will create a second one, if the stories are sent to me.

Thank you.

All the best,


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