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The Weather on The Costa del Sol

The weather on The Costa del Sol is quite legendary in the UK and, I dare say, Scandinavia, which is one of the biggest reasons why people from those countries flock here in such vast numbers. (One of the others being the relatively low cost of living).

The Costa del Sol faces Morocco on the Maghreb in north Africa across only 14 kilometres of Mediterranean Sea, which is less than nine miles!

Admittedly, I had never spent a Christmas here before 2017, but this was my second January, and I have been coming here off-season for decades. In fact, many people do come here for the festive season to avoid the weather and expense at home.

Well, it has been cold this season, but at the time of writing, 10:30 am in February 2018, the weather on The Costa del Sol is 2c (Real Feel -1c).


People, even residents, are talking about how bitter the weather is around here, Fuengirola, on the Costa del Sol, so, I should imagine that there are quite a few holiday-makers who wished they had stayed at home!

There is no real wind to speak of, nine mph, and it is not raining… it is just freakishly cold. If I didn’t think I knew better, I would say that it is about to snow.

That would be something, wouldn’t it!? Snow on the Costa del Sol – The Sun Coast?

“It has happened before”, one of my long-term resident Brit friends tells me, “but the last time was twenty years ago”.

Well, if I were a betting man, and if there were any betting offices around here, I would put a couple of pounds on the weather on The Costa del Sol turning to snow over the next couple of days.

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Podcast: The Weather on The Costa del Sol