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Alexa Rankings

Almost from the day I went online in 1996, or perhaps a few years after that, I discovered Alexa, which was a tool for ranking the popularity of websites. In those days, a high Alexa ranking was de rigeur and, so, highly sought after.

I have sort of forgotten about my sites’ Alexa Rankings over the last decade, but yesterday, it crossed my mind to check that of my main website, this one, Megan Publishing Services.

I was surprised at what I found. Alexa seems to have become part of the Amazon Empire.

Is that true?

If so, the fit does not spring readily to mind. However, that’s none of my business, but I couldn’t find my old, decade-old Alexa account, and they wanted $149 to either re-establish it or set a new one up.

I don’t know, but none of that seems right to me. Have I got the right firm?

Surely, no-one pays for listings any more?

Alexa tells you wherever your site ranks amongst the competition, but only if it is within the top 100,000 on the World-wide Web! So, it’s relevance is only to those top 100k sites and those who aspire to unseat them, which is certainly not many of us who just want to earn a crust…. or at most the mortgage or a supplementary income.

If Alexa’s new raison d’etre is to help businesses get noticed, then they seem to be angling for the larger companies, because I can’t see how they can make me glad that I had spent all that money on them 🙁

If you can shed more light on the matter, please put your feelings in the comments section below.

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