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Working Abroad in Fuengirola

Working Abroad in Fuengirola
Working Abroad in Fuengirola

Working Abroad in Fuengirola

Often, it seems that everything takes longer when living abroad, and this can make you really short of time when you are also working abroad. For example, in Britain, we tend to work for eight hours straight from eight or nine a.m, whereas in southern Spain, like the Costa del Sol, most people work from nine or ten until two p.m. and then from five until nine, which ties you up for twelve hours a day.

The locals on the Costs del Sol grew up with the system and it suits them, but it often leaves northern Europeans wondering where the day went!

Twelve hours tied up with work and eight hours sleep only leaves four hours for shopping, cooking, socialising, sport and everything else.

The ‘relaxed’ southern Spanish lifestyle leaves many Brits and other northern Europeans feeling exhausted.

This is what led Neem Jones to set up Fuengirola Home Help Services – a new business covering Fuengirola and Los Boliches.

Fuengirola Home Help Services provides mature ladies to help around the home and garden, so that busy working people have more time to enjoy themselves.

Fuengirola Home Help Services provides assistance with: children, caring, cooking, cleaning, gardening, companionship, house-, dog- and baby-sitting, shopping, although any normal household or family activities will be considered.

If you would like to book a meeting with Neem Jones to discuss your requirements, it can be done through her business’ Facebook, Fuengirola Home Help Services:

Neem Jones says that she will take on any type of home help, but she is particularly interested in becoming involved with children and the infirm or house-bound, because she is a people person.

So, if you are working abroad in Fuengirola and feeling a bit frazzled, get in touch with Neem and let her give you some of your life back.

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