Raising a Family Abroad

Raising a Family Abroad

Residence Permit for Spain (final part)
Fuengirola Home Help Services

Fuengirola Home Help Services

Raising a Family Abroad

Raising a family abroad is usually the task of young, busy people. Some parents may be sent abroad to work by their company, or they might just choose to do it for the lifestyle. One thing, though, is for sure, raising a family is difficult, and raising a family abroad is even more so.


For many reasons. When raising a family abroad, you are unlikely to be able to rely on the support of friends and family. You probably just won’t have any there. It is also probable that you won’t speak the local language well or understand how ‘things work’.

Without the support and inside information that you would have at home, raising a family abroad becomes more time-consuming.

This is where Fuengirola Home Help Services comes in. It is designed to reduce the pressure on busy people like you by providing a responsible, experienced woman to do the shopping on your behalf and deliver it to your home, or pick up your children from school, take them home and feed them or keep them amused until you get there.

Fuengirola Home Help Services can also clean the house, tidy the garden, prepare a meal, Thai or European, babysit or almost anything else you want for a negotiable hourly or daily rate.

Neem is particularly fond of children. When you see her interacting with yours, any fears you may have will be instantly allayed. Neem speaks Thai and English, but not yet Spanish, although she is trying to learn it, despite not having found her inability to speak it a problem yet.

This is a brand new service being offered in Fuengirola and Los Boliches only (at the moment), so if you think that you need more time and want Fuengirola Home Help Services to provide it for you, contact Neem Jones via her Facebook, where you can message, phone or email her for a personal response.


or send me an email via this blog, and I will pass it on.

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