Thai Catering Services in Fuengirola

Thai Catering Services in Fuengirola

The lady behind Fuengirola Home Help Services, Pranom Jones, better known as Neem, today launched a new service to add to her already impressive array – home Thai catering services in Fuengirola and Los Boliches.

“Thai food is widely acknowledged to be one of the best cuisines in the world,” said Neem with an air of pride, and I have been cooking it, village style, since I was a schoolgirl! Every day of my life for about forty years!”

“I can cook real Thai style for those that want it that way, and basically I am talking about hot, but perfectly spiced, or I can tone it down a bit, as I have been doing for my British husband of fifteen years, but still retain the authenticity of the Thai meal”.

“It all depends on what the client wants. I can cook any Thai dish – from the north, south, centre or Isaan, because I come from the north, but worked in the south with many people from Isaan and the more commercial centre”.

When asked about the details, Neem replied, “The easiest for me, is to walk into a fully stocked kitchen with the food that I have bought to cook the meal. However, I understand that not every bar has cooking facilities or even a license to cook, so in those circumstances, I am willing to cook in my house and deliver it. I am very flexible, just call and see what we can work out…. satisfaction and authenticity is guaranteed… I only left Thailand a few months ago and I have been cooking Thai all my life.

“I want people in Fuengirola to realise that Thai country cooking is fantastic, but that they do not have to burn the skin off their tongues to appreciate it. Ask my husband, he eats the milder version”.

If you would like to know more about Neem’s Thai Catering Services in Fuengirola and Los Boliches, please head over to her Facebook page and contact her on the following page:

Thai Catering Services in Fuengirola

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