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Website Hosting 5

Website Hosting 5
Website Hosting 5

Website Hosting 5

If you want to find the previous articles on website hosting, you need to look back from here to about October 2015, but they will not be numbered. This is the dismal story of a search for a decent website hosting company that has been going on for five or six months; caused me to try four website hosting companies and probably cost me a few years of my life in worry, because my main site, this blog, is about 1,500 posts and pages long with just as many images.

There are two basic rules that I will follow if I ever have to move again and they are never to have anything to do with cube/boxservr or any firm that derives from them and the same with Hostgator and their UK sister company eHost.

Run a mile quickly, because they are great talkers, but poor providers.  I did not get everything promised to me by the first two companies for even a single day during three months, and eHost was even worse – they couldn’t get me up and running in six weeks.

The problem for me, now that I have moved on again, to WHUK, is that I have ‘lost’ a lot of data from the blog.  WHUK promised to reinstall a backup of my blog when they were signing me up, but haven’t done it yet after two weeks.

I find this level of service appalling, but that is what I think of the four UK website hosting companies I have dealt with so far.

WHUK is definitely the best of them so far, but their Asian support staff can be annoying. For example, I have had a support ticket open about my blog for weeks, but they close it as ‘resolved’ every day although we are no nearer resolving the issue than a fortnight ago.

They seem to be hoping that the problem will just go away.

Well, I am here to guarantee that it will not until fixed and for the first time in my life, I have the transcript of the man who signed me up promising that it would be done.

This is a great tip:  always save a transcript of your conversation with support for when push comes to shove.

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  1. Choose your host as carefully as you would choose a bank, solicitor or investment vehicle…
    Do you think I’m joking?

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