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Making Money from Hobbies

Making Money from Hobbies
Making Money from Hobbies

Making Money from Hobbies

In these days of austerity and financial uncertainty, it is more important than ever to make use of every talent you have to extract an extra stream of income. If you enjoy carpentry, you can make objects for sale and likewise with many of the other hobbies and crafts, but if you are more interested in the Internet, the route can be more obscure.

Especially if writing is not your forte.

However, that need not be a stumbling block. Similarly if you would like to hit the English-speaking market, but English is not your mother tongue.

Time could also be a constraint, as it is on most hobbies. However, think of this: while flying kites is a great hobby, it earns no money, whereas running a blog on flying kites could do. Especially if it is informative and provides a service.

So, for most people, unfortunately, I think that unprofitable hobbies have had their day. It is time for those who love the Internet to use it to make money and not just surf.

Look at the websites on the link below and think about the themes that might interest you, then follow the link to ‘PLR Content’ to see whether we have a set of niche content articles to suite your needs.

We have 140+ targeted ebooks there of 15+ 500-600 word articles on the subject of your choice. Go on! You won’t know if you don’t take a look.

Follow this link to our library of niche, targeted PLR Books

This is also a great way for teachers to inspire an entrepreneurial thread into the lives of their charges. It provides relevant, useful, practical ideas for making an extra (or even main) income in this uncertain world.

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PS: this is even more important in poor countries, where $3-$5 per day family income is not uncommon. Think about it, even $1 extra a day is a 25% increase!

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