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Kindle vs Book

Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistants Agency
Virtual Assistants Agency

Virtual Assistants Agency

Our virtual assistants agency offers you professional assistance at an affordable rate whether you need temporary or permanent help by the hour, day or project.

Our virtual assistants agency is a family affair, but don’t let that give you the wrong impression, because it works in your favour. Let me explain:

I am British, 61 years old, speak, read and write seven languages, have travelled a great deal and lived and studied in several countries. I studied Russian at university; was a director of a £1m a year construction company for thirteen years, ran the office for nine and was the company secretary. I then switched to websites – I created, owned and wrote all the content for 140 of them, until three years ago when I started writing novels and ‘How To…’ books. I have written thirty-five of the former and ninety-nine of the latter and self-published them. I now live in northern Thailand with my Thai wife of ten years.

She has been speaking English for thirty years, worked in a farming environment and travelled with me. If you need representation in Thailand or Asia, we are prepared to travel.

Our daughter is currently in Bangkok University studying business and administration. Her English is excellent. The final two members of our team, at this moment, are cousins. One recently graduated from university with a degree in programming and the other came second this year in a national competition in Thailand for graphic design.

If you think we can help you, we will work as a team to fulfil your requirements.

I’m sure that you will not find a team of virtual assistants like ours on the Internet. I couldn’t and I have used a computer every day for the last thirty-three years, had an email account since 1983, and websites since 1996.

So, how much for all this expertise?

Our introductory rate is $20 a day for work we can do from home, but you may split the eight hours over two days in any 24-hour period!

You can’t say fairer than that, can you?

First come, first served as we are only a small virtual assistants agency at the moment. If you are looking for a quote or something special, please get in touch, we’re waiting to hear from you.

Owen Jones

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Kindle vs Book

Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistants
Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistants

I’m not really sure why they are called virtual assistants or VA’s because there is nothing virtual about them. They are real people who provide a really helpful service, although often from a great distance.

If you have never heard of virtual assistants, then the clue is in the last part of the above sentence. Virtual Assistants provide assistance over the Internet.

On the lowest level, this might be Tweeting (or Retweeting) a list of interested parties, which does not include writing original material, and at the top end it would or might involve writing and posting on behalf of the employer.

I’m sure you get my drift by now. Anyway, the point is that after talking with a friend the other evening, I thought that I might see how much support there would be if I launched such a service.

How many people might require such assistance, and how many people would like to be considered for the role?

The job would suite those who would rather work from home or need to. You will know whether that is you without my having to spell it out. The skill most required for virtual assistants is knowledge of and access to the Internet, but a close second will be an ability to read and write in English. It may be more difficult to find positions for those who only speak other languages, but not impossible, I think, but that will depend on how far I can publicise this venture. The more interest from buyers and sellers, the more encouragement I shall feel to put more time into the project.

So, if you are vaguely interested in the concept, please let me know using (preferably) my contact email, or the comment box below. Registration is open to people of all nationalities and is non-committal.

If this is not for you, but you know people who might be interested in being virtual assistants, please pass this message on.

In any case, please take a minute to LIKE and SHARE this page below.

Thanks for your time.

All the best,


Read more details about this new service here at the Virtual Assistants Agency

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