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Dead Dog

A friend came to have a drink with me in my local watering hole this afternoon. As he was talking, a scruffy, sad-looking dog walked past (not the one in the photo). I was going to comment on him, but, as I said, my friend was talking, so the moment passed. I’ve seen the animal before, but only once, and quite a while ago. Anyway, it returned thirty minutes later and a big car ran over it. The vehicle wasn’t doing ten miles an hour, but when the front wheel hit the dog and it screamed, the car didn’t stop. It went over it, and as it continued to howl, the rear wheel went over him. The noise was pitiful, and there’s a big patch of blood and guts where the dog exploded before it ran up the road, not yet aware that it was dead.

I have never seen anything like that before. The car didn’t even stop. My friend said he’s seen it dozens of times in his village and the other dogs always rip the dying dog apart. He didn’t know whether that was for humanitarian reasons, but he did say he thought it was the origin of the expression ‘Dog Eat Dog’.

I don’t know, that didn’t happen in this instance, but it was a horrible sight to see fifteen metres away.

It makes me realize that some people witness a brutal death like this happen to their friends, family and colleagues in war zones and rescue instances and that is something I have never spent time thinking about before.

A friend of mine saw a motorcyclist get killed by a truck in Pattaya last week and that death upset a lot of people too. Although death is a feature of everyone’s life, most of us do a fantastic job of putting it to the back of our minds and avoiding the issue, don’t we?

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