There Be Demons

There Be Demons

by M. K. Theodoratus

Review by Barry Boy

There Be Demons by M. K. Theodoratus is a (Contemporary) Fantasy Fiction written in the third person and set in a city called Trebridge on a world called Andron, where most people are human. However, demons and imps led by the evil Lord Vetis and his somewhat silly lieutentant, Abraxus, have plans to invade, for which purpose they have established at least one seep, which is like a worm-hole, from their world into Andron.

The main seep is in a soon-to-be demolished cmmunity church called St. Edmund’s, and it is closely guarded by four gargoyles, who are sworn to protect mankind. Nevertheless, these protectors of humanity still require human help and this comes in the form of four teenage school friends led by a wilful girl named Britt. The head gargoyle, Gillen, is very concerned when his promised psychic reinforcements are just teenagers.

Britt and her friends study at a school run by nuns on the poorer side of town and the nuns play a role in the ultimate battle with the evil ones who seek to possess them. The penultimate scene us the battle between the human and the demon teams.

There is a correlation between the society, the church and the religion in There Be Demons with American society and the Christian (Catholic) Church, and it is interesting to match up the parallels.

I thoroughly enjoyed There Be Demons even though it is not my preferred genre. I thought that the characters were well drawn, and that the book’s title and cover were appropriate for the story. It is also well written, and well, although not perfectly, edited, which can easily be corrected.

If fantasy stories are your genre, I am sure that you will enjoy There Be Demons by M. K. Theodoratus. I would read a sequel. Well done, Miss Theodoratus, full marks in my book!