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Full Disclosure by Eric J. Gates

Full Disclosure
Full Disclosure


Full Disclosure

By Eric J. Gates

Review by Owen Jones





Full Disclosure is about the power that the state can wield to fool its citizens into believing anything that it pleases, whether for good or bad reasons. However, Eric J. Gates seems to give us hope that at least in this case, that power will not be misused, although we are never quite sure, because there are several red herrings laid in our path on our roller-coaster ride towards the end of the mystery.

I had never heard of Mr. Gates before acquiring Full Disclosure for my new Kindle, but once I started reading it, I could not put it down without reluctance. I found the storyline and the plot fascinating. The characters were well drawn and. believable. I particularly liked the way Gates did not make his characters too black or white – even the villains were not over-daubed, which is how I think it is in real life.

After all, even Hitler, one of the most hated people in the whole of history, fell in love and liked dogs.

The trio who eventually get to the bottom of the mystery that this book creates, and ultimately reveals, are a mixed bunch who are thrown together to fight a common foe, that threatens to undermine American society.

I thoroughly recommended this suspense – thriller by a master of the genre and hope that he writes many more, perhaps even using some of the same characters.

I have subscribed to the RSS feed of Mr. Gate’s blog so that I don’t miss his latest news, and I can’t say that about any other author.

I would love to tell you more, but then I would have to silence you, or perhaps the author might send the deadly Debby after me…

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by +Owen Jones

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