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Are Vampires Real?

Are Vampires Real?

Are Vampires Real?
Are Vampires Real?


Are Vampires Real?

Many people ask themselves: Are vampires real? You might think that it would be mostly children who would ask this question, but many adults wonder about it too. Many people think that the vampire legends started with Vlad the Impaler of the Dark Ages or Bram Stoker in the Victorian era, but the stories go back a lot Further than that.

How far back depends on your definition of the blood-sucking creatures for there have been many types of vampires throughout history. Just about the earliest vampire that many Westerners will have in the most sacred Book on their bookshelves will be Lilith, who is mentioned in the Bible (Isaiah: 34:14) and the Jewish Torah, but she ate children and probably derived from the even earlier Sumerian Lilitu.

So, are vampires real? It is certainly true that some people all over the world have thought so for thousands of years. The Aborigines in Australia have the Talamaur, who is less fussy about the age of its victims. The Europeans have had Incubus and Succubus for thousands of years too, males and females who would visit humans in their beds and drain them of energy ‘one way or another’, but often with a bit of the other.

Ancient Egypt had Sekhmet, Rome had the Stix and Ancient Greece, the tale of Menippus. Asia is not without its many types of vampires either. China has the ‘Hopping Corpse’ and Thailand Pee Pob. So, as you can see, when asking the question: ‘Do vampires exist?’ you really have to take into account that many people believe that there are many different types of vampires.

There have been quite a few ‘witch hunts’ throughout history by people and even nations who asked themselves: ‘Do vampires exist?’ and ‘Are vampires real?’ In 1721 there was widespread panic in East Prussia, and in the Hapsburg Empire from 1725 to 1734. There was also a lot of concern in various parts of New England (America) in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries that focussed on Rhode Island and Connecticut.

More recently there have been outbreaks of fear in Mexico and other South American countries, and parts of the old Soviet Union, particularly in Russia, where people claim to have seen a Chupacabra (goat-sucker). These creatures, they say, suck the blood out of livestock over night.

Throughout time, people who have thought about these many types of vampires have wondered whether they are from ‘our world’. In the ancient past, before people knew about other planets and space travel, they speculated that vampires came from a different dimension or time, that they were the ‘undead’ and so sought ways of preventing them from roaming the surface of the planet.

However, nowadays, those that believe that various types of vampires do exist, suggest that they may be aliens from another planet who have been living among us for millennia. Now, some people are saying that the chupacabras are aliens too, but relatively recent visitors.

So, do vampires exist? Are vampires real? I suppose it depends on what you mean by ‘vampire’ and what types of vampires you think that there are.

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