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A Tale of Supernatural Powers

Review of The Megan Series

The Misconception of the Megan Series
The Misconception – of the Megan Series


The Megan Series

A Spirit Guide, A Ghost Tiger, and One Scary Mother!

by Ceri Carpenter

Review by Owen Jones

I have read all eleven titles in the Megan Series so far, so I will review the series as a whole rather than just each individual book. The series opens with ‘The Misconception’, which may seem like a strange title until you have read it.

‘The Misconception’ actually sets the story for the rest of the series, which should really be read in sequence, but it is not absolutely necessary, although reading this one first is best really.

It opens with Megan, a young girl, locked in the coal hole ‘for being naughty’, although most sane people would not agree with her mother that she was naughty, or that the punishment fitted the crime, if indeed one had been committed.

We learn that this is not the first time she has been locked in that dark, dirty, scary cellar, but some friends come to console her, namely her familiar, a ghost tiger called Grrr and her deceased grandfather.

Despite her mother’s cruelness, Megan feels a special bond wither her, so she doesn’t tell her father what is going on. He suspects nothing.

The last chapter of the book, each book or novella, in fact, has Megan’s Spirit Guide giving her advice on how to become a better, stronger person, with lessons on how to develop her psychic powers, a subject that has interested Megan for years, despite her tender age. It is also the cause of her imprisonment.

In the following novellas, Megan finds herself in all sorts of common, everyday situations, but her take on them is far from average. Each story can be read alone, but the reason why she is like she is comes from ‘The Misconception’ which is why it should be read first.

The other ten novellas include Megan at school, on an outing, on holiday, being bullied, having a birthday, et cetera, et cetera, all charming little stories that can be read on several levels, although sensitive Catholics may not like them much.

Carpenter has promised one new novella every month and I believe that a twelfth is being written now.

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by +Owen Jones

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