Thai Catering Services in Fuengirola and Los Boliches

Thai Catering Services in Fuengirola

The Three Lions in Fuengirola is now offering authentic Thai Sweet Green Curry made by Neem of Thai Catering Services in Fuengirola and Los Boliches.

Nick and Luke of the Three Lions took delivery of two of Neem’s home-made Thai meals this week, so they are now offering Kaeng Kiouw Wan (Thai Sweet Green Curry) and rice and Pom Pia (Spring Rolls) the latter with Thailand’s most popular accompaniment to Pom Pia, a hot and sweet sauce.

When asked about the range of food she can provide, she said: ‘I can cook any Thai food you want to order, but at the moment, I have selected eight of Thailand’s most famous and popular traditional dishes. I have chosen to prepare them with chicken because it is the least likely meat to offend, but I can adapt the recipes for pork, beef or prawns if someone wants it. The same with the Spring Rolls. My standard Spring Rolls are vegetarian, but I can easily add meat or prawns if people want’.

Why not pop into the Three Lions this evening to sample the ambience and Neem’s traditional, authentic Thai cuisine, or give her a call and arrange for your own order to be delivered to your premises?

You can find out more about what Neem has to offer on her Facebook pages here:

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Thai Catering Services in Fuengirola

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