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Free Books on Amazon

Free Books on Amazon

Free Books and Amazon I started a page on this blog called Free Books and, needless to say, it is very popular, receiving well over three hundred views a day. ‘Free’ is an extremely powerful word, so that is not surprising in itself. What does surprise many people is Amazon’s attitude towards free books. In […]

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The Lek Series


Revenue To paraphrase a TV advert of many years ago concerning my current revenue, I ain’t never seen a year like this one and I never want to again neither. Based on previous years’ figures and the fact that my stock of books keeps increasing as I write more every year, in January, I was

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Megan The Misconception

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime I am going to do something I’ve never done before: recommend a product. You’ve all heard of Amazon, I mean, who hasn’t, but they have a newish experience called Amazon Prime, which I have the logo of before, because I use Amazon a lot, but I never checked it out until today. Don’t

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Narrow Escapes

Narrow Escapes I was playing a game of Contract Bridge with my Kindle Fire yesterday, when the screen suddenly went black. I thought that either the battery had run down without my noticing it or that it had crashed, since both have happened before. When I couldn’t restart it, I put it on charge. I

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