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The Misconception

Amazon Prime

I am going to do something I’ve never done before: recommend a product. You’ve all heard of Amazon, I mean, who hasn’t, but they have a newish experience called Amazon Prime, which I have the logo of before, because I use Amazon a lot, but I never checked it out until today. Don’t ask me why, if you are already a convert, because I couldn’t tell you, but I wish I’d looked at it before.

Amazon Prime is currently available for a free 30 day trial, so allow me to tell you a little more about it.

Everyone is taking more photos these days than at any time since photography was invented, right? Well, as an Amazon Prime member, you can upload an unlimited number of images to Amazon’s computers and view or send them to anywhere in the world!

Not bad, eh?

There’s more. Amazon is famous for books and films, right? As A member of Prime, you get access to over 500,000 free books from the Kindle library. Isn’t that amazing, or what?

And access to 40,000 free films from their catalogue, all free and unlimited!

As well as being able to download and play, free of charge, any of the 1,000,000 songs and items of music available to Amazon Prime members.

All that clinched it for me, because I live in a remote village in a country where English-language items are hard to come by, so this is perfect for me. I can also use my laptop to play the films and music through my wide-screen TV.

However, it doesn’t stop there; there are what would be fringe benefits to me, although they could well mean much more to you. Like the free 2-day delivery on all items purchased; the 20% off Pampers and the thirty minutes early warning.

No, not of a terrorist strike, the guys at Amazon aren’t that good yet 🙂 but I’ll let them tell you about that themselves.

And the bottom line?

After the free month, it will cost £63, or $99 a year, which is a little over £5 or $8 per month.

Follow this link to prove to yourself that what I have told you is true, and begin your free one-month trial before they take the offer down.

I hope you enjoy your free trial,

All the best,


PS: you can also check out Amazon Prime by clicking the large advert on the bottom left of this screen.

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