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Bugs and Viruses

Computer Problems
Computer Problems

Bugs and Viruses

I was talking yesterday about the narrow escapes I had had as if it were all behind me, but it seems that bugs and viruses are following me about.
How naive and gullible we, or I, can be!
I woke up this morning to a small dialogue box on an otherwise white monitor screen. Paraphrasing, it said: ‘Do you want to copy your old database files to Outlook?’.
I didn’t get it, but assumed that Outlook had updated itself overnight and so clicked ‘yes’.
Now my Outlook files, emails and contacts, are about twenty years old, so large and I expected it to take a while, but it didn’t. Then it called for a reboot, which I allowed and was dismayed to see that I had a completely new installation without my old files!
All my 38 email addresses, hundreds of contacts, hundreds of scheduled tasks and tens of thousands of emails gone! Forever!

It is very sad, but also liberating, in a way. So anyone reading this expecting an email from me, you won’t get one unless you remind me what it’s about and send me your email address again.
I don’t know how much space that disaster with those bugs and viruses freed up, but I guess a lot.
Anyway, I got Outlook running again, albeit only on three email accounts for now, although I may try to keep it to less than ten, and then took my Kindle for a beer.
I sat down, ordered a beer (priorities, eh?) and switched my tablet on. The logo came up and then it went too dark to read anything.
‘Sheesh!’, I thought, or something like it.
After rebooting three times, I took the machine into the dark toilet and could just make out enough to find ‘Display’ and turn up the brightness on the screen. That worked, but it revealed that a book had been downloaded to my machine and then the device had been put in ‘aircraft mode’, ie, WiFi had been turned off.
I’m back to normal now, I thinkk, bugs and viruses willing, but I cannot get rid of that darn book, ‘The Edge of Normal’ by Hana Shank.

Who the Hell is she and does she realise how much time and worry she has cost me?

All the best,


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