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Follow-Up on ‘Asian Shorts’

Follow-Up on ‘Asian Shorts’

Follow-Up on ‘Asian Shorts’
Follow-Up on ‘Asian Shorts’

Follow-Up on ‘Asian Shorts’

This is just a quick follow-up on ‘Asian Shorts’. A lot of the last seven weeks and nearly all of the last four days has gone into launching an anthology called ‘Asian Shorts’ which contains twenty stories by ten authors, so I was ecstatic to see a sale hours after it going live.

This could have been a contributor showing solidarity and good marketing sense or it could have been an unknown. To be honest, I don’t care, I am equally happy either way. I would be glad if one (or more, please) of the authors bought the book, but also chuffed if it was a reader who just happened to see one of the ads.

Anyway, the book is out there now, like a teenager who goes away to university or to work. You’ve done your best, and you will always be there in support, but success or failure is now pretty much out of your hands, and in those of the population of the world.

This is where the analogy changes, because it is where a writer should spawn another baby, in the form of a book, but parents rarely do 🙂

I read through the first six chapters of my own book in the middle of the night and liked it even more than I did when I was writing it. I came up with a title as well, ‘All For Love’. My first idea for a subtle, ‘The Story of A Female Russian Spy’ seems less appealing though.

Perhaps, ‘She was torn between her love of her parents, her country and her man’ is better?

What do you think?

Not easy without having read the book, is it?

Well, I can’t even give it to you, because this is the one that I am going to pitch to the… them, the last one having been a year ago.

Wish me luck 🙂

On another level, although it is too early to know how successful ‘Asian Shorts’ will be, I have already made it known that the next anthology will be ‘Paranormal Shorts’, so if you’d like to be in the follow-up, I hope to publish in late July.

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All the best.


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