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South Africa Killings

South Africa Killings
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South Africa Killings

As I was looking through my Facebook timeline yesterday, just before the Internet failed me for the umpteenth time since Friday. I noticed a post from a friend of mine, and it had been very well received, judging by all the likes and shares.

The gist of the post was that Europeans are running around screaming ‘unfair’ about the Paris attacks, but more violence takes place in South Africa every month and Europeans don’t appear to give a fig..

I have to admit that Thailand is a backwater as far as news, any news is concerned. I didn’t hear about the attacks until Saturday afternoon, I think, and no-one at the party I went to that night had heard anything either. It was Monday evening before anyone asked me whether it was true.

So, expecting to be informed of what is going on in South Africa is very optimistic. Therefore, I asked a friend. His reply was shocking. He said that hundreds of Caucasians were being massacred in the remote farms every month.

I thought all that had stopped when one-man one-vote elections were introduced decades ago. Why is this not in our newspapers?

I don’t understand. Is this not newsworthy? And if not, why not? Surely, we are not going to hear the same lame excuse, that it is embarrassing to identify the colour of the perpetrators, like they told us in Britain with regard to (predominantly) Pakistanis grooming white girls?

Why don’t I, why don’t we, know that the South Africa killings are still going on?

If you can help shed some light on what is going on in South Africa, please write your comment either on my blog or wherever you are reading this. The West should know more, it is a travesty that the truth is being kept from us.

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