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A Night In Annwn

Near-Death Experiences

Near-Death Experiences
Near-Death Experiences

Near-Death Experiences

Near-death experiences, or NDE’s, are phenomena that are recognized by science and religion alike and can be viewed from three standpoints: psychological, physiological and transcendental according to the entry on Wikipedia.

The article also goes on to mention the five stages typical of thousands of near-death experiences, which are: 1) Peace, 2) Body Separation, 3) Entering Darkness, 4) Seeing Light, 5) Entering Light. It states that sixty percent of NDE’s reach stage one, and only ten percent reach stage five.

I find the subject of near-death experiences an interesting one, so if you do as well, I urge you to enter the term into your favourite search engine.

However, if you would like to read my account of William Jones’ NDE, I have called the novel A Night in Annwn – Annwn being the ancient word for Heaven in Welsh. The Welsh believed Annwn to be the Other World, which was located under the mountains usually, but also sometimes on an island. In my story, William, an old shepherd, has his NDE walking home from the pub and is ‘rescued’ by his wife, Sarah, who had passed over five years before.

According to William’s perception of time, he spent only a night in Annwn and had a look around, although he could not remember much when he returned to his body.

We, the readers, however, can follow his often comical exploits and realizations in the capital city of Heaven in Wales, which is Annwn.

I hope that you enjoy my tale, but I am certain that William’s near-death experience will get you thinking about the greatest mystery of all time, which is life after death.

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