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A Night In Annwn

William Jones’ NDE

William Jones' NDE
William Jones’ NDE

William Jones’ NDE

A Night in Annwn is the story of William Jones’ NDE or Near-Death Experience. William was a sheep farmer in the Brecon Beacons of South Wales, about forty miles north of Cardiff. He led a fairly lonely life tending his flock, as one can imagine, but even more so after his daughter got married and his wife died.

He took to drinking too much, and one day, he had a heart attack. It landed his body in hospital, but his mind in a place they called Annwn, which is the old , mythological Welsh term for Heaven.

Most people will only associate Annwn with the Hounds of Annwn, which the early Christians tried to explain away as the hounds of Hell, because Annwn was believed to be underground.

However, this was a foreign interpretation, not the Celtic belief.

In A Night In Annwn, William is received by his wife after his collapse and introduced to the capital city of Annwn, which bears the same name. She takes him to the bustling market place with its shoppers and stalls, a church, a school and a tavern.

The revelations that she makes to William are challenging and thought-provoking to him, and I am sure that they will be to you as well.

After reading this novel, you might not agree with it, but I know that you will never think of death in precisely the same way again.

Read A Night in Annwn, a night in Heaven, and if you don’t like what I have written, I will be astounded if you agree with it, I will give you your money back!

However, I feel as if I am on safe ground, as there have been no takers yet.

I hope that you will find it thought-provoking and humorous.

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