S. A. Brains Doesn’t Brew Any Longer

S. A. Brain Doesn’t Brew Any Longer…

Now, that may not mean much to you, but the S. A. Brain’s Brewery, which was located in the centre of Cardiff for centuries, used to be the most famous beer in Wales!

Brains Dark was legendary, but disappeared a couple of decades ago as younger people took to lager instead. The company started to produce special ales instead. So, many events special to Wales – like the Rugby World Cup – would have a special, short-term beer brewed specifically for it.

Next, Brains ‘tried’ replacing Brains Bitter with Brains Smooth, but I, personally, don’t think that drinkers took to it and some time during this confusion, their flagship beer, Brains S. A. became more and more difficult to find.

Brains S. A. affectionately known as ‘Skull Attack(er)’ was only 3.7% (or so) A.B.V. but it had the reputation among drinkers for ‘having something else’. I have seen many seasoned drinkers from ‘away’ feel seriously affected by three or four pints.

However, Brains S. A. is almost impossible to find these days – even more so that forty years ago, when the excuse was that Brains ‘didn’t travel well’.

Has S. A. Brain Moved On?

Well, it won’t be going anywhere now, because Brains has sold all its ‘large pubs’ now, and Miller is brewing all its beer. That means that I , and most Brain’s beer drinkers, won’t be drinking the stuff again.

It’s a crying shame… I feel that Brains has let its loyal supporters down, and I don’t want whatever the Americans think that (Brains) beer should taste like.

So, I’ll switch to European lager and British cider and hope that Brains enjoys the money they made from all the generations of Welsh beer drinkers who supported them

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