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Megan's Bookshop
Owen Jones

Megan’s Bookshop


Owen Jones here, I hope that you are well.

I have started a bookshop, called Megan’s Bookshop, selling my own books. The books will be downloaded directly from me and payment will be guaranteed save through PayPal.

I have put all ten of my books online in Megan’s Bookshop, but I have created bundles of the two series as well, so now you can buy the trilogy ‘Behind The Smile’ at a reduced price, or you can buy the first novel ‘Daddy’s Hobby’ at have price.

Likewise, the first three novellas in the ‘Megan Series’ have been bundled together for the unbelievable price of $5.99 for the three. Their original novella has been reduced to 99c too.

All of the books are in formats will allow them to be read by most e-readers and computers, but if you need them in another format, please let me know as I can convert them to most file types for older machines.

If you would like to add your book to Megan’s Bookshop, it can be done easily for a one-off payment. Please send me an email for more details or look on:

If you place your books in Megan’s Bookshop on my site, they will be downloaded from your website and all the money wil be paid directly into your own web site.

There are other services for authors on my publishing web site at:


where there are about 100 books of ‘private label rights’ (PLR) with fifteen 500-word articles on niche subjects that you can use in your on line publications during periods when you are too busy to write such as during holidays and ill health.

Authors can use these three web sites to make writing, publishing, promoting and selling your books easier and will allow readers to get to know authors and their work better too. They will be able to support authors they like by buying directly from them thus ensuring that the writer receives all of the price of the book.

All the best,

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