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iTunes – Apple Stocks Novels of Owen Jones

iTunes - Apple Stocks Novels of Owen Jones
iTunes – Apple Stocks Novels of Owen Jones

iTunes – Apple Stocks Novels of Owen Jones

There is good news for avid readers of Welsh writer from Barry, Owen Jones, that are also audiobook fans who prefer to use the ubiquitous  service of Apple’s iTunes!

iTunes – Apple – now stocks not only the ebook novels of Owen Jones, but also the audiobook versions, AND, they are all on one page, which makes it easier to identify series and stand-alones.

Owen Jones now has more than three hundred ebooks on iTunes, a hundred and fifty of which are in languages other than English, and about seventy of them have been narrated by professionals to create audiobooks of excellent quality.

ACX – an arm of Amazon and Audible – has overseen production and Quality Control throughout, so you know that you are getting a great product.

Many Locations

Owen Jones writes in the general genre of Fiction>Psychological, often including references from Spiritualism, Buddhism, or even just ‘traditional religions’ – references such as intuition, dreams, Auras, Astral Travelling and the like. His books are also set in many locations, including Wales, naturally, Thailand, various countries in Europe, Russia and the USA. One series, Dead Centre visits seven countries in just one of the two volumes!

When asked about the new collection of his audiobooks on Apple iTunes, Owen said:

“I am very proud to have my audiobooks for sale on such a prestigious platform as Apple’s iTunes. So many hundreds of millions of people around the world use an iPhone, iPad or Mac several times a day, and now they all have direct access to my audiobooks as well as my ebooks. I don’t have one myself, but I checked some trivia just for my own information, and I was surprised to see that Apple uses 131 different URL’s to allow direct access to its products. That probably means 131 different countries! Not bad for a local Barry boy, eh?”

You can find Owen Jones’ audiobooks by following this link:

Audiobooks by Owen Jones on iTunes

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